You want experience? How about 20+ years of video post-production for some of the best ad agencies and big brands in the business.  Multi-tasking? My juggling makes Penn and Teller look like amateurs.  Workflow! Pipelines! Project management! Bring it on, baby!  I manage time so effectively it makes the guys at Rolex jealous. Flexible? My nickname is Cirque Du Soleil. You need one ad cut? Multiple projects? Are we in-house or out? .Hey, it’s a fast-paced world out there.  It has to be to keep up with Michael Matassa.

Creative Editor Michael Matassa

You want experience?

I am a creative video editor with over 22 years experience editing for top Advertising/Digital Agencies, Cable TV Networks and Corporations around the country.



Premiere Pro CC

After Effects CC

Adobe Suite

4K Videographer

Video Producer


Remember experience counts. When you trust your editor life is good! 


Some of our Current Clients:

  • BBDO West - San Francisco, CA
  • AKQA - San Francisco, CA
  • FCB West - San Francisco, CA
  • Butler, Shine, Stern, & Partners - Sausalito, CA
  • Disney - Burbank, CA
  • Cartoon Network - Atlanta, GA
  • NVIDIA  - Santa Clara, CA
  • Pottery Barn - San Francisco, CA
  • Grey Advertising - San Francisco, CA
  • DropBox - San Francisco, CA
  • Heist - San Francisco, CA